Estate Planning
For individuals, registered domestic partners, married couples, and parents:  a  thorough estate plan to give you the peace of mind that your wishes will be respected and implemented.

Services include
Powers of Attorney
Health Care Directives or “Living Wills”
Revocable and Irrevocable Trusts
Solutions to minimize tax burdens

When an individual has become incapacitated and unable to manage his or her own financial and/or personal care issues, a guardianship may be necessary to protect the incapacitated person while at the same respecting the individual’s rights and personal dignity.

Services include
Investigating the needs of the individual
Exploring alternatives to Guardianship
Petitioning for Full or Limited Guardianship of the Person and/or Estate when necessary
Advising the Guardian as to his/her duties
Preparing Personal Care Plans, Inventories, Budgets and Annual Reports

During the period following the death of a loved one, issues as to the resolution of the decedent’s personal and financial affairs must be addressed.

Services include
Determining whether probate is necessary
Filing the court documents to open a probate
Advising the Personal Representative as to his/her duties in administering the estate
Communicating with the heirs, creditors, government agencies on behalf of the estate
Assisting in the legal transfer and distribution of the property of the deceased

Trusts can provide a useful planning tool for the protection of assets.

Services include
Assessment as to whether a Trust would benefit you and your family
Creation of Trusts to benefit minors, or for adults with Special Needs
Use of Trusts as a substitute for – or a supplement to – wills and probate
Advising trustees as to their responsibilities in trust administration
Advising trust beneficiaries as to the rights

Estate, Trust and Guardianship Disputes
When conflicts arise, you need an experienced litigator to protect your rights.

Services include
Will Contests
Claims against Personal Representatives, Guardians or Trustees regarding their execution of fiduciary duties
Representation of alleged incapacitated persons or family members involved in guardianship disputes
Petitions to the court under Washington’s Trust and Estate Dispute Resolution Act (TEDRA)
Resolving disputes through negotiation, mediation, arbitration or trial

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